Shinta Mani Foundation Organic Farm

The Shinta Mani believes in food safety and seeks to establish a model farming practice. Through a partnership with the World Vegetable Center and USAID we have established an experimental farm to test more hardy varieties of traditional Khmer crops. We are growing vegetables that grow better, are more pest resistant, and do better in extreme weather conditions. We are proud that we are doing so without the aid of pesticides and an excess of fertilizers. Instead we are using age old practices of specific seed selection combined with crop rotation and natural pest repellants such as planting Marigolds or using Citronella extracts to ward off pests.

We hope that by modeling sustainable and ethical farming practices (that we also teach to local families through our Home Garden project), we can change the growing culture and inspire people to eat healthier sustainable produce.


  • Hotel driver and car
  • Cold towels
  • Cool water & cookies

Please pick up a brochure at our lobby for more information about our foundation work.


Price: Free of charge